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What is our difference?

Based on our experience over 15 years, we believe that, at best, club football will only contribute 10 to 15% towards a player’s development. This is why we have designed a year round program that provides a Complete Player Development Package, enabling young, talented players to optimise their development.

We believe this new level of specialised personal coaching, coupled with club football training, enables players to realise their potential and optimise their development, so they are properly prepared for the pathway options already established by Zee Academy Australia, such as European professional football, A-League and US College scholarships.

Academy Pro Team Program


Our Academy Pro Team Program is designed to provide everything a player needs in his/her football development, all year round.

Although the emphasis is still on individual player development, we will be forming competitive teams, where players can learn and practise the relevant football skills, tactics and systems by playing regular games against other academies, clubs and schools of excellence, PLUS participating in tournaments locally, interstate and overseas (which will enable our players to experience different styles and football cultures).

This program is designed in such a way that the player DOES NOT HAVE TO PLAY CLUB FOOTBALL, if that is your preferred option.

Our year round curriculum and training plan ensures that players receive the necessary number of competitive matches and training games required to improve every aspect of their game, as well as teaching them to play various systems and giving them tactical knowledge, relating to individual positions and the team as a unit.

Contrary to club football matches (whether NPL, BPL or SAP), where the main focus is on the team and winning game styles, our academy games are strictly focused on the development of the individual player, while being part of a highly competitive team.

Our teams are selected to the highest possible standard. Our aim is to be able to compete with other academy and club teams (such as NPL and A-League - in some cases, playing up an age group), and to compete in mini tournaments interstate and internationally, against top-level opponents.

Depending on the age group and the appropriate type of game training the team requires, we will select opponents to provide our teams with the right conditions for optimal learning.

To this end, sometimes we will arrange games against high level, very competitive opponents, while at other times we will play mid or lower level teams, so we can work on specific aspects of the game (which could not be done in a highly competitive match situation).


The goal and target of this year’s Academy Pro Team program is to prepare players individually and as a team, to compete in a number of international tournaments in Europe, USA and Japan.

 During these tours the players will be exposed to high level players, coaches and professional clubs. We believe that every player must have multiple Football Experiences like this during his/her development.

Most importantly, the tours will be an opportunity to assess each player against the highest level in youth football. Realistically, if the player’s goal is to reach the professional ranks in European football or the A-League, he/she Must not just  meet the standard of the best overseas  youth players but better in many key areas.

Our year round, full time Pro Team program is designed specifically to achieve this.

The Zee Academy Pro Team program gives the player a complete, well-designed plan and management system all year round, optimising training efficiency, load and outcome to reach the desired goal. Hard work, sacrifice and full dedication is required from the player and their family.

 The Academy Pro Team program gives players the best possible opportunity to be selected for our Pro Team tours and Espanol Experience. However, there is no guarantee, and selection is subject to performance.

Academy Pro Team Program Outline

  1. 3 to 5 training sessions and/or games per week (indoor & outdoor)
  2. 2 or 3 x 1.45-hour sessions on weekdays 
  3. 1-2  sessions OR GAMES on weekends
  4. Training Planning
  5. Theory/Tactical Training
  6. Position Specific Training
  7. Diet/Nutrition
  8. Mental Training
  9. Year Round Periodization & Training Load Monitoring
  10. Physical Training Plan
  11. Weekly & Monthly Player Calendar/Planner for each individual player 
  12. Exposure to cutting edge technology (Toca, Teqball)*
  13. Zee Pro Method ® and Homework System

DISCLAIMER: *Only offered to full time Pro Team players.


 Fees are based on full time, all year round participation, inclusive of all training sessions and games at Zee Academy, away games and at interstate tournaments. Interstate travel expenses and overseas tour expenses will be separate, but optional. We will endeavour to seek sponsorships to help cover some of these costs.

A comprehensive outline of our fees will be provided once a player submits an Enquiry Form to be part of Zee Academy Australia. Membership is included in the Pro Team Fees. A Payment Plan will be available for Approved Families.

Zee Academy Membership

Each player who is invited to be part of Zee Academy Australia must also join and become a member of Zee Academy Australia.

This membership includes: 

  •  the full Zee Academy training kit, travel gear and match kit (if the player is signed up as a full time academy player all year round) 
  • full access to PSC (Pro Soccer Centre) during opening hours, including free use of Teqball, soccer tennis, gym and allocated training equipment (when not in use), under the supervision of our Centre Manager.

Academy Squad Program


The Academy Squad Program is a part time program, but still offered all year round.

We recommend signing up for this program for the full year, however it will also be offered separately each term, as long as places are available.

The Academy Squad program will be a modified version of the Pro Team Program for players wishing to play club football.

We will design and plan each term with the appropriate training load to suit the player’s club and school commitments, while still covering the individual’s player development plan.

 We will still offer some academy games, in addition to possible participation in tournaments (for selected age groups). Squad players achieving a high enough standard may be moved up to our Pro Team later in the Academy year, or be selected to play with the touring team in tournaments.

 Remember, this program is designed to best suit the player wanting to develop individually and STILL PLAY CLUB FOOTBALL. If the player follows our curriculum fully and works hard every day, he or she will improve immensely by participating in our Academy Squad Program. He or she will definitely perform at a higher standard at club level and at State trials. However, this program will not be sufficient to develop the player to the standard required of a youth pro team player in a European Academy or even an A-League Academy.

Academy Squad Program Outline

1 or 2 nights per week, and or Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon (to be advised). 

Club commitments

This program will allow the player to participate in club/school football. We will ask you to provide us with your club and school football commitments and advise on which training days and program is the best.

Variation of Program

You may vary the number of sessions per week and in turn change your academy program by mutual agreement with us ONLY.

Player work load

Each player will be required to complete a weekly planner detailing the player’s work load for all sporting commitments. In consultation with the parent/guardian and player - Zee Academy will endeavor to manage each player’s work load to prevent burn out, injury of fatigue. The player and the parent/guardian must also use their endeavors to secure relief for the player from club/school training if the player’s work load is too much.


As mentioned above, a comprehensive outline of our fees will be provided once a player submits an enquiry to be part of Zee Academy Australia.

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We focus on the individual

Individual Soccer

Our main focus is on the INDIVIDUAL, while also having high quality Pro Academy Teams and Academy Squads to promote player development through group training and football matches.

Over the past 10 years, many Zee Academy players have realised their dreams and secured professional opportunities, both in Australia and overseas. These opportunities include playing for Australian A-League clubs, top professional clubs and academies in the UK and Spain. Furthermore, some of our players have secured US College scholarships. This is testimony to the fact that our players are able to compete with top European players - even at world-class clubs.

FIFA Puskás award 2019

Goal of the Year

Daniel Zsori was just 18 years old.

International exposure

At Zee Academy Australia, we truly believe that if the player’s goal is to be a professional footballer, they need to spend some time in a European football club/academy, or at least be exposed to the highest level of training and pro club academy conditions. 

That’s why we have established top-level football experiences in the USA and Europe, specifically designed to help players gain the necessary experience.

Program Options

Academy Full Season

7 October 2019 - 18 September 2020

We have two options for players to choose from:

 1. Academy Pro Team Program (full time or hybrid) 

 2. Academy Squad (full time, part time, basic)

Wich option is right for you?

The Pro Team program is ideal if the player is NOT PLAYING CLUB. If the player wishes to participate in club football, we recommend our ACADEMY SQUAD PROGRAM. See below for more details on the Academy Squad Program. 

Please note that places are limited. If the full time Pro Team program places are exhausted, we will not be able to change a player’s status from Academy Squad to Pro Team.

The Zee Pro Method ®

The Zee Pro Method ® is now proven to provide all that is necessary to build the Complete Player, preparing them to secure academy opportunities with some of the biggest clubs in the world, such as Chelsea or Manchester City.

Every aspect of our new Player Development Program is cutting edge - focusing on all aspects of player development in great detail, and preparing the player for the very highest level.

Holistic Development and Management System (HDMS) ®

We cover 12 Key Categories to the smallest detail to maximize and optimize the players preparation all year around (tactical, physical, mental, diet-nutrition, time management etc.).
This program manages the player’s football-life with cutting edge information in every category. We have recruited some of the best experts and coaches in their field.

Level 13 categories
Level 26 categories
Level 312 categories
Master Mentorship12+3 categories
Zee Pro Basic ®
Zee Pro Edge ®
Zee Pro Apprentice ®
Master Mentorship ®

How to register?

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